Clam-bushed in Thailand: fifty three year old diver vanishes, family in deep distres

The family of a fifty three yr old diver are distraught after he disappeared whilst fishing for clams in a reservoir in northern Thailand. His motorbike and discarded sneakers were discovered on the reservoir yesterday, leading his family to believe he had drowned. Police had been alerted to the man’s disappearance, main a coordinated search with local divers.
The native police from the Hod district of Chiang Mai had been knowledgeable a couple of missing diver suspected of drowning at the reservoir in Ban Huai Sai Laeng, Moo 10, Ban Tan, Hod District. The rescue companies, who have been joined by divers from the Chom Thong Disaster Response Association, had been activated to search for the lacking man and had been quick to reach the scene.
Speaking about the incident, the victim’s relatives shared that the 53 year outdated often went clam diving on this specific reservoir regularly. But on this explicit day, he had vanished from the house, prompting the household to return to the reservoir. They discovered his motorbike parked near the reservoir, along together with his sneakers discarded on the shore. Despite calling out for him, there was no response, which made them assured that he had unfortunately drowned. Therefore, they informed authorities who began a search operation, reported KhaoSod.
Soon after, the dive group looking out in the reservoir found the diver’s body. The recovered physique was handed over to the police for a preliminary post-mortem earlier than extra detailed forensic investigations had been carried out. Following Blacklisted , the physique of the deceased was returned to the household for non secular proceedings..

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