Fake monk arrested after he swindled 180,000 baht from elder abbot to fund wife’s enterprise

Police apprehended a fifty three year previous resident of the Buriram province, who had been disguising himself as a monk to deceive local temple heads.
Phanuphong, also recognized as ‘Oat,’ used his intelligent ruse to swindle more than one hundred eighty,000 baht (US$5,112) from Monhkol Jatsanlo, an eighty two year old abbot from Buriram, last June.
Now in the custody of the police, Phanuphon has confessed to his wrongdoings. He admitted his likeness to the individual seen within the closed-circuit television footage, and that he utilised the stolen funds to assist his new wife’s fruit-selling venture. An investigation led police to the Nakhon Ratchasima province where Phanuphong was discovered residing in an unnumbered rental property, reported KhaoSod.
While canvassing Phanuphong’s house village, it was learnt that the suspect initially hailed from southern Thailand but moved in along with his partner in Buriram. However, the couple has been separated for a quantity of years. His doubtful actions during his residency disturbed many. He engaged in petty theft and ruffled the feathers of a quantity of residents. Community members held a grudge towards Phanuphong and are clearly sad in regards to the prospect of his return to Buriram.
Boonhom, a 61 12 months previous native, warned fellow villagers to be vigilant and secure their possessions if they spot Phanuphong returning to his ex-wife’s residence. The whole group is on high alert, but uncertain of how to method the regarding situation.
Prapawarin, a forty one year old local woman, revealed she was Phanuphong’s former mother-in-law. She acknowledged that her ex-son-in-law had lied about his occupation, claiming he held a managerial position at a leading division store’s finance sector.
Contrarily, he was frequently engaged in housebreaking operations across multiple regions and had multiple jail sentences to indicate for it. Despite his historical past with the legislation, he appeared to have no regrets and was involved in comparable crimes as quickly as again. Improved believes that he’s past correction..

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