Foreign Ministry denies blocking Poland’s donation of vaccines

After Thammasat University was set to receive 3 million Moderna vaccines donated by Poland last Tuesday, the deal was abruptly stymied by the Thai authorities not finishing the required paperwork. Then the university appealed to the Foreign Ministry for help, and was rejected, being told they need to be going via official channels to import vaccines. Now the Foreign Ministry is denying claims that they’ve blocked Thammasat University from receiving the donation of Moderna vaccines from Poland.
The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they don’t have the authority to dam any offers. He confirmed that the university had written on October 22 requesting help in receiving a three million vaccine donation, with 1.5 million Moderna vaccines ready for instant supply.
Thammasat University asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist physically deliver the Moderna vaccines in, in addition to coordinate with the Thai Embassy in Warsaw to do inspections on the vaccines earlier than they shipped.
The spokesperson mentioned that the ministry responded solely suggesting that they work instantly with the Polish company donating the vaccines, however did not make any attempt to block the cargo or oppose the donation.
ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์Huawei provided professional advice in good faith that TU should rigorously think about the donation process to keep away from complaints from any events. Especially whether it is seen as having business pursuits associated to the donated vaccines.”

The first 1.5 million vaccines of Poland’s three million Moderna vaccines nonetheless stays undelivered as Thailand waits for Moderna to finally arrive within the nation..

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