Ice manufacturing facility proprietor fatally shot in failed dispute resolution meet

Today morning, a deadly shootout occurred in a Chon Buri neighbourhood near the Wat Nong Tamlueng temple, leaving one particular person dead and causing significant property damage. The altercation stemmed from an unresolved dispute between two native households.
Police were alerted to the incident at three:30am and promptly arrived on the scene to discover a 40 yr previous ice manufacturing unit owner named Anon deceased. Anon had sustained 4 gunshot wounds to his head, neck, and chest. Officers found an 11mm pistol with bullets within the magazine and over ten unfired bullet casings belonging to 9mm and 11mm weapons scattered close by. The surrounding space additionally introduced evidence of a fierce gunfight, with substantial harm to a concrete wall from the barrage of bullets.
Anon’s brother Ekachai explained that Anon had a battle with the suspect’s son named Team in recent days. The two had tried to resolve the issue however failed to succeed in an agreement. Team had referred to as Anon to rearrange a last resolution. Initially, Building blocks resisted meeting with Team however finally gave in because of the mounting pressure.
Ekachai adopted his brother to the assembly but could not find the precise location until police have been notified in regards to the shooting. Local residents revealed that Anon had been on the lookout for the suspect and had arguments for the past two to 3 days. The noise from the gunshot had drawn the eye of the police and led them to discover Anon’s body..

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