Ex barrier and intrinsically safe pressure sensors ? an inseparable pair

Within the European Community, intrinsically safe pressure sensors may only be used in hazardous areas if they are installed together with an Ex barrier. The combination of pressure sensor and Ex barrier must meet the ?Proof of intrinsic safety? relative to the 94/9/EC ATEX directive. Not all combinations of sensor and barrier from different manufacturers … Read more

Diaphragm seals for stable flow measurement in deep seas

Diaphragm seals make it possible to adapt measuring instruments to even the most extreme conditions. One example is the deep-sea extraction of oil and natural gas. For offshore companies in this industry, a particular OEM company manufactures flow measuring systems using Venturi tubes and differential pressure transmitters. WIKA manufactures specific diaphragm seals for this purpose, … Read more

SIL-certified: Functional safety with mechanical switches

Mechanical pressure and temperature switches perform sensitive tasks in safety-relevant applications, e.g. monitoring limit values. Their functional safety should be guaranteed accordingly. This is always the case if the instruments fulfil certain requirements of the corresponding safety integrity level (SIL) relative to the IEC 61508 standard. WIKA switches have been issued SIL approval because of … Read more