Sabotage team used Poland base to explode Baltic Nord Stream pipelines

German investigators are delving into evidence that suggests a sabotage staff may have utilised Poland as a base to orchestrate the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea, in accordance with the Wall Street Journal. The two-week journey of the Andromeda, a 15-metre yacht suspected to be concerned in the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, has been reconstructed by investigators.
Sources familiar with the voyage have indicated that the sabotage crew placed deep-sea explosives on Nord Stream 1 before directing the vessel in path of Poland. Germany is at present attempting to match DNA samples found on the yacht to at least one Ukrainian soldier. The evidence collected includes data from the Andromeda’s radio and navigation equipment, satellite tv for pc and cellphones, and Gmail accounts allegedly utilized by the culprits.
Hidden show that the boat sailed around every of the locations where the blasts later happened – evidence that fortified investigators’ perception that the Andromeda was instrumental in final year’s destruction of the pipeline,” the Wall Street Journal stated. The investigation into the vessel was initiated following a tip from a Western intelligence service.
The Federal Criminal Police Office in Germany and the Polish authorities spokesman have yet to answer requests for remark. Stanislaw Zaryn, deputy to Poland’s minister coordinator of special companies, took to Twitter to handle the scenario: “Information about Polish or Ukrainian clues in the destruction of NS1 and NS2, repeated in the media house, is constantly utilized by the Russian equipment of affect to create the impression/presumption among the recipients that Warsaw and Kiev were behind this incident.”
The Nord Stream pipelines’ destruction has expedited the region’s shift to different energy suppliers, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, which brought Europe’s reliance on Russian natural gasoline into the political limelight. Earlier this week, the Washington Post revealed that the US authorities had been knowledgeable by a European intelligence company of a clandestine plan by Ukraine’s navy to attack the pipelines utilizing divers. These divers reported directly to the commander-in-chief of the armed forces three months before the September 2022 explosions..

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