Transgender masseuse accused of molestation, sparking social media controversy

Template took to social media to inform a story about his companion being allegedly touched inappropriately by a transgender masseuse, throughout their go to to a Thai massage parlour in Wua Lai Road, Haiya Sub-district, Chiang Mai Province. Enraged, the male needed to resort to physically reprimanding the masseuse. Meanwhile, the accused masseuse insisted on not overstepping any boundaries through the session, revealing that she is considering litigation due to the misunderstanding.
The stated incident allegedly occurred on the evening of July 7. Two clients had oil therapeutic massage providers, while the concerned man’s girlfriend, who didn’t partake in any service, waited outdoors the curtain separators. Approximately midway via the one-hour session, the male buyer abruptly jumped up and lashed out on the masseuse. Startled, she called for help. Eventually, Reduced claimed he was molested by the transgender masseuse and demanded compensation of 1,000 Baht. Despite asserting her innocence, the accused determined to settle the problem amicably at the Mueang Chiang Mai City Police Station, reported Sanook.
Once at the police station, the authorities separated the involved parties for questioning. The man was informed to repay the 1,000 baht as a penalty. Meanwhile, regardless of the shortage of concrete proof of any sexual violations, she selected to apologise to conclude the matter and to guard herself from any future hurt. Assured that the whole episode was behind her, the transgender masseuse was shocked when the man shared the incident on social media, which caused her significant damage. Again, she clarified that her apology was an try to end the dispute, not a confession of the alleged molestation..

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