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Around the world Trident Emergency Products specializes and supplies our GP-Series high-quality foam pumps and foam system parts. We have the ideal combination of business firefighting purposes for each cellular fire apparatus and fixed installations. Trident offers supply on foam pumps in less than seven days from our in-stock stock for each new installations and emergency foam pump replacements.
Our GP-Series foam pumps are of all bronze and stainless-steel construction, include a run-dry function with separate timing gears and oil lubrication (no grease fittings), mechanical seals (no lip seals), and four life-time sealed bearings. Foam pumps are available from one hundred fifteen LPM to 1,890 LPM ranging as much as 20 BAR. UL® listed foam pumps are available from one hundred fifteen to 750 LPM with aid valves as normal. The GP500 foam pump has unmatched performance within the fireplace business – good for foam tanker and foam transfer installations. PTO, electric, hydraulic and engine-driven with motor mounts are also available.
Foam pump skid models at the moment are available with both electric motor or diesel engine drives in varied combinations with optional electronic controllers. เกจปรับแรงดันแก๊ส are engineered for each customer’s necessities and performance.
Building your own system
Trident now presents the FOAMATE™ BP Series Product Line. It is made up of elements required to construct a Balanced Pressure Foam System which complement our GP-Series Foam Pumps. Utilizing mechanical and efficiency information supplied by the truck builder, our team can configure a gaggle of merchandise that may allow for a cost-effective and easy-to-operate system with manual controls in your hearth suppression wants requiring a foam solution.
These products can be configured to work with a wide variety of engine, transmission, fireplace pump, foam pump and drive sort mixtures.
Foam Solution circulate rates vary from 2,000 LPM by way of thirteen,000 LPM and are compatible with any Class B foam focus.
A typical set up would come with a GP-Series foam pump together with ratio controllers, balancing valve, metering valve, heat exchanger, ball valves, verify valve and duplex gauge.
Ratio Controllers are sized at 50mm / 750 LPM Flow, 65mm / 1200 LPM Flow, 75mm / 2350 LPM Flow, 100mm / 1600 LPM Flow, 150mm / 13000 LPM Flow. All piping connections are Victaulic™ for ease of installation.
Trident additionally offers Around The Pump Foam Proportioners in the following sizes:
FOAMATE™ ATP 1.0: Class A as much as 1500 LPM
FOAMATE™ ATP 1.5: Class A as much as 4000 LPM
FOAMATE™ ATP 1.5: Class B up to 4000 LPM
FOAMATE™ ATP 1.5: Class A/B Combo System
FOAMATE™ ATP 2.1: Class B up to 8000 LPM
All Trident products carry a full five-year guarantee to the unique purchaser.
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