Tube becoming enables safe and repeatable meeting and dependable leak-free operations

ower management company Eaton – now part of Danfoss Power Solutions (Sealing Technology, September 2021, web page 2) – recently expanded its product portfolio with the addition of the sturdy WALRINGplus delicate seal cutting ring system, optimised for thin-wall tubing.
Featuring a two-edge chopping ring, with additional soft sealing for both possible leak paths, this tube fitting system enables straightforward, secure and repeatable meeting and dependable, leak-free operations.
It is designed to meet demanding requirements, involving hydraulic tube becoming in functions including use in agriculture, development, business autos, discrete manufacturing, rail transportation and other industries.
It is appropriate to be used with thin-walled tubes and, therefore, supports efficient weight and gasoline discount of mobile equipment and shifting components of stationary equipment.
Correct meeting is crucial to tube becoming performance and WALRINGplus is designed to stop excessive or insufficient tightening. A clear block-stop perform provides a tangible torque enhance when the end of an meeting is reached, so no torque or distance measurement is required.
In addition, a considerably lower force is required to drag the chopping ring over the tube – making meeting simpler, quicker and safer, while reducing the chance of harm to the gentle seal. The O-ring groove position additionally permits frequent reassembly, with out affecting efficiency.
To get rid of the chance of leaks that can create pricey harm and downtime, WALRINGplus also addresses their widespread root causes.
Soft sealing prevents leakages if: tubes or studs are slightly scratched, the fluid temperature fluctuates or the retention force is decreased. Problems caused by low assembly torque also could be recognized before the slicing ring is pulled from the tube – decreasing the danger of a catastrophic failure in utility.
เกจวัดแรงดัน4นิ้วราคา -R7 machine further reduces meeting time and the trouble required for WALRINGplus as properly as the danger of leaks. By ราคาเกจวัดแรงดันลม of cutting-ring meeting and tube-forming, this machine helps guarantee optimum system performance while additionally decreasing the required torque and rotrotation.
Specifications of WALRINGplus: • steel cutting ring with Viton O-rings; • for tube sizes 6–42 mm; • complies with ISO 8434-1; • high burst-pressure exceeding 4:1 safety factor; • working stress up to 500 bar (L-series) and 800 bar (S-series); and • supports dry assembly with steel parts.

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