Valworx launches new sanitary valves

Valworx, a manufacturer of actuated valves and tools controls, recently launched a new line of sanitary ball valves. เกจวัดแรงดัน4นิ้วราคา can be utilized within the production of food, drinks, prescribed drugs, private care and pet care merchandise.
เกวัดแรงดันน้ำ of air actuated stainless sanitary ball valves are constructed of complete stainless supplies, tri-clamp ends, 8-12 Ra polished internals and finish caps, ASTM 316L body and finish caps, corrosion-resistant coated springs, physique pistons and stems, and different hygienic features. The valve actuator accommodates a NEMA 4/4X (IP66) enclosure for washdown purposes.
The ball valves function a visual place indicator and can be utilized with Namur and ISO mountings. Available in two- and three-way configurations, in addition to varied sizes ranging from half an inch to four inches, the new line of valves adjust to FDA, USDA and 3-A standards.
Valworx’s air actuated stainless sanitary ball valves have been factory tested in 1 million completely different operations.

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